5 Benefits of Having Clean Indoor Air

Having high-quality indoor air is important to maintaining good health. Some of the benefits associated with a clean-air home include the following.

1. Lower Risk of Heart Diseases
The heart is a delicate organ that can easily be compromised by airborne contaminants. There is a strong link between cardiovascular diseases and air pollution. Keeping your indoor air clean will limit the exposure to such pollutants thus reducing the risk of attracting heart-related diseases.

2. Better Home Workouts
If you are a fan of home workouts, having a high level of air quality is very crucial. It is well known that quality air promotes better athletic performance. People who bike or run using home exercise equipment need higher oxygen levels than ordinary in order to get the most out of their workout. Thus, having high air quality is a requirement for better workouts.

3. Clean Indoor Air Acts as an Anti-Aging Component
Today, natural methods of staying young have been rampant. Individuals are using such remedies to help them maintain a youthful look. When you get exposed to toxins, you are likely to age faster because of the resulting chemical reactions. However, with clean indoor air, your skin is likely to maintain its elastic nature thus preventing wrinkles. If residing in a dry climate area, consider using a humidifier to bring in purified air; important for raising the moisture content.

4. Improved Cognitive Health
The human brain heavily relies on oxygen just like any other part of the body. When you inhale polluted air that is full of contaminants, the brain is affected negatively. Long-term exposure to such particulate matter may lead to cognitive decline. Keeping your indoor air quality high, you will be able to prevent brain damage or any early decline of cognitive function.

5. Increased Happiness
Clean indoor air is associated with happiness. A study conducted in a Canadian cohort revealed that those who lived in air polluted areas have lower statistical levels of real happiness and satisfaction. Similarly, the study also revealed that happiness statistics were linked to air quality. Increased level of happiness leads to low stress while improving overall health.