Nano Clean Air Tech

Respiratory health begins at home, which is why we've created Nano. These filters are designed to protect your home from dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, smog, smoke, bacteria, and viruses by trapping 98% of airborne particles - all without impacting air flow.

Lab Tested To Capture Junk

Nano Home filters have been independently tested by Nelson Labs, and are designed to capture 98.4% of viruses, and nearly 100% of allergens. Learn More.

N95-Level Protection

Nano Home Air Filters use the same material found in medical-grade N95 masks, which are trusted everyday to keep surgeons and medical staff protected from airborne illnesses.

Electrostatically Charged

Our filters feature electrostatically charged filter material, which actually helps capture toxic particulates in the air. 

MERV 13+ Rating

All Nano Home Air Filters are rated at MERV 13+, exceeding the highest rating for consumer HVAC system filters.

Eliminate Odors

If you are in an area with wildfires, or have pets at home, Nano Carbon air filters will help clean the air of smells in addition to regular filtration protection.

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